Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Forgotten Crafts

Have you ever noticed...

It can be next to impossible to scrapbook, when there are 3 hungry cats on your desk/layout and 1 hungry pug under your feet.

They have no concept of being in the creative ZONE. And I was finally in the ZONE for the first time in a month. They just broke it.

Well, ok, that and the fact that I determined finally that the ONE thing I need to really make this layout work....is a craft knife. And I have one too! No need to go to the store! However, the craft knife is buried deep in the craft drawer that contains the remains of my former fascination with soap making. I haven't made decorative soaps in over 5 years.

Methinks I need to clean out that drawer. I want that knife.

Am I the only one with a drawer full of supplies for a forgotten craft? Am I the only one that still has hungry pets?

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